Dossy is a global platform built for the recruitment industry.

Our software helps a diverse range of organisations looking to streamline and automate their recruitment process.

The first phase of Dossy was officially launched in early 2019. This phase includes a fully automated reference checking system. Traditional reference checks (including scheduling, phone call, and formatting) can take hours to be completed. Dossy reduces the time spent on references to minutes, while still producing an equally detailed and effective perspective on a candidate.

The next phase is focusing on automation and productivity with a human centric approach. Instead of purely seeing candidates as resources, Dossy hopes to help organisations see a more balanced and well rounded view of what a person can bring to the table. Choosing the right people for your organisation can result in a more productive and gratifying work environment. This combined with continued feedback loops will support candidates in their career development.

Core Team

We are a passionate team of four situated in Melbourne, Australia. While we have a diverse array of skillsets it soon became clear that our values of integrity, hard work and a passion for solving problems were aligned.

After cycling through numerous ideas and plans, the idea for Dossy was put forward by the ebullient Ryan Delon and his 10+ years of recruitment experience. Human resources is a large, complex and largely high-human-touch industry, but we felt technology can still help automate certain sections of it while still maintaining the human side of things.

Dossy is short for "dossier", which is defined as:

"a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject"
Validated, secure reference checking is just the beginning for Dossy. Our goal is to help reveal a person's true strengths, character and values - to reveal someone as more than a "resource".

At the end of the day, we firmly believe company culture is a huge determinant of success for a business, and if you combine well rounded, talented people with a great culture, your business will succeed. Dossy is our attempt at helping companies achieve this.