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Case Study: Talentscope Melbourne

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18 Jun, 2019
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Talentscope is a relatively new player in the construction recruitment scene, having only started a couple of years ago by Dossy co-founder Ryan Delon. I actually met Ryan for the first time at the same time he was starting the boutique recruitment agency. I was a web engineer who wanted to form a startup with someone more business minded than myself.

As I rode my push bike to meet him in Richmond, I noticed his office appeared to be a dilapidated, 20m high industrial silo. I was slightly worried.. was I about to be murdered? However, upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised - the interior was renovated as a kind of hipster, startup office space, complete with high ceilings, a table tennis table and a very random life sized statue of a horse (apparently purchased on a whim by a cashed up startup founder for 100K.. go figure). Walking past the horse I saw Ryan's area of the large room was extremely well furnished - if you ever meet him, you'll notice he has impeccable taste for both furnishing and clothing.

Ryan is what I would call a smooth operator. He is completely at ease with people and will confidently banter with anyone and everyone, including animals. No one feels uneasy around Ryan. I knew straight away that he would be a good business parter as he complimented my low key, engineering-focused personality. Luckily he was heavily into technology and also wanted to build a SaaS (software as a service) product. A couple of months later, along with two new co-founders (Anh and Marcus) joining us, the beginnings of Dossy was formed. After analysing the recruiting landscape, we settled on employee on-boarding as an area ripe for disruption. We knew we could build a reference checking tool that would be better than anything else out there, so we've started with that.

As we began coding Dossy, Talentscope was slowly growing and now had 4 employees. This was perfect for Dossy as Talentscope could act as our guinea pig. It was a win-win situation - Talentscope automated their reference checking at a reduced rate and Dossy received real time feedback on the product. Ryan's employees were crucial in informing us about what worked and what didn't. They helped sculpt and perfect Dossy to what it is today, and continue to do so.

Fast forward to 2019 and Talentscope now has 7 staff (8 if you include Ryan's dog, Cash, who is listed as an employee on their website). I spoke with one of key recruiters, Justin about how Dossy has worked for them:

Matt: Just a couple of warm up questions - what is your favourite ice cream flavour? Justin: Cookies and cream

Matt: What is the best TV series you've watched in the last year? Justin: Stranger Things (seasons 1 and 2)

Matt: What do you give Dossy on a scale of 1 to 37 Justin: 1 to 37. Really? Why? Okay I give a 32.

Matt: Why not 37? Justin: I dunno. Because nothing's perfect. 37 would be perfect.

Matt: Do you worry that you could be getting more information from phone calls as opposed to trusting forms filled in by referees? And why? Justin: No. The big thing for me is I'm not the fastest typer. Whilst yes you can get more information and dig deeper on a phone call - but for me to be able to get that information on paper I'd have to record it and type it all out. Whereas with Dossy, they just type it out themselves. And it's in their words. If there are any issues with their answers Dossy gives me the opportunity to call them and modify it anyway.

Matt: What do you dislike most about Dossy? Justin: It just does the job I want it to do, nothing to dislike.

Matt: What would you miss most if I accidentally deleted Dossy's source code and you couldn't use it again? Justin: The fact that I'd need to conduct references myself. It's the part of the recruitment process that I hate most

Matt: If the love of your life changed her name to Dossy, would you still be with her? Justin: Of course I would. I think I'd love her more...

Matt: If you were to recommend Dossy to another recruiter, how would you word it? Justin: What's the one part of the process that all recruiters hate? Normally reference checking is at the top of the list. Dossy automates that process so you don't have to do it. It's as simple as that.

Matt: Thanks